Lufenuron chitin synthesis inhibitor

Lufenuron – A Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor

lufenuron chitin synthesis inhibitor

The Primary active ingredinet of CCWS Candida Cleanser is an inert chemical called Lufenuron
If you’re still worried about CCWS Candida Cleanser being safe or not, here’s the original Patent on Lufenuron:

In their words:

“The invention allows a therapeutic treatment of a variety of fungal infections. These may include systemic infections as well as topical fungal infections. In particular, and by a preferred embodiment, the present invention allows treatment of skin fungal infections in both humans and animals, nail or genital fungal infections in humans, eye fungal infections or ear fungal infections in both humans and animals, and others. Particular examples of fungal infections which may be treated in accordance with the invention are caused by dermatophytes such as those of the genus Microsporum (e.g. Microsporum Canis) which cause various skin fungal infections of the skin, nails or hair; those of the genus Aspergillas, and yeasts, e.g. Malassezia or Candida.”

lufenuron candida cleanser ingresinet

In order for this patent to be filed, the drug company would have gone through rigorous test to insure the safety. It is a non-toxic substance for all mammals, including humans. If you find anything online that claims Lufenuron does not treat fungal infection, you’re being duped. There are powerful organizations who do not want us to know about this as it threatens their bottom line. This patent expired in 2008 and this is why we now have it available, but since the original drug company who made it did not seek FDA approval, it remains in a gray zone with FDA, thus the company must be based outside of the US. The founders of CCWS were living in Thailand when they discovered it, and so they formed the business there.

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Lufenuron prevents Candida from growing and repairing the Chitin in its cell wall.

By blocking Candida’s Chitin-synthesis, the Candida does not have a way to repair the constant damage being done to its cell wall caused by various processes in its environment (our bodies), including the onslaught of our immune system. Within hours, holes start to form in its cell wall, and its guts literally seep out, killing it. The Ergosterol gives Candida’s cell wall its flexibility, and the Chitin is responsible for its strength. Candida can’t grow and it can’t keep its cell wall intact, when Lufenuron is present in sufficient concentration around it.

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