Sibo Treatment Pack with Probiotics


NEW SIBO Cleanse and Treatment Pack

100% herbal, GMO free, 14 day SIBO treatment pack has everything you need to safely and naturally do a SIBO treatment at home.

The herbal ingredients in this cleanse have been scientifically proven to be a more effective SIBO cure for multiple types of bacterial overgrowth than current prescription antibiotics.

Products included in the 14 day pack are:

Berbacin – (2 x 7 day bottles) Our unique blend of Berberine Extract and Allicin Extract is carefully balanced to provide you with the full medically recommended 14 day treatment for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Neem – (1 x 14 day bottle) Neem works to increase the power and impact of the berbacin complex allowing maximum strength for tackling bacterial overgrowth.

Em pro – (1 year supply approximately) a full spectrum of beneficial micro-flora to repopulate the stomach and gut after completing the 14 days of Berbacin and Neem SIBO treatment.



Candida Labs has now developed a full natural treatment package for SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which contains our Berbacin Complex, Neem Bacterial Cleanse and EM probiotics. A major benefit of our SIBO treatment is that it also addresses SIFO – small intestinal fungal overgrowth – which occurs in conjunction with SIBO in 50% of cases. Prescription antibiotics will worsen SIFO which is why we advocate taking the natural approach to treatment.

Berbacin Complex

Our Berbacin Complex contains two herbal ingredients, Berberine and Allicin blended together into one easy to take capsule formula. There are two different types of bacterial overgrowth – hydrogen dominant and methane dominant SIBO. This is why we have blended the two scientifically proved natural antibiotics, Berbacin Complex addresses both types of bacteria at once.

Berberine is a natural compound found in certain herbs around the world. This extract is a specific treatment for the hydrogen dominant bacteria. Our Berbacin Complex provides 4000 mg of berberine a day which is the medically recommended amount for sibo treatment

Allicin is a compound found within garlic in very small amounts. We extract the equivalent of 60 garlic cloves of allicin for every Berbacin Complex capsule and this addresses any methane dominant bacteria.

Combining these two scientifically proven extract creates a formula that has been proven to be MORE effective than prescription antibiotics in treating SIBO infection.

We advise a treatment time of 4 weeks for initial treatment of sibo infection then it is recommended to follow up with maintenance course of 2 weeks every 6 months for the first 2 years.

Each bottle of Berbacin Complex contains 1 week of treatment. 2 capsules 4 times a day.

Neem Bacterial Cleanse

Neem is known to enhance the effectiveness of both Berberine and Allicin in removing bacteria. It is also effective as anti inflammatory, anti viral and anti ulcer. All of these attributes make Neem the ideal partnership to our Berbacin Complex.

Each bottle of Neem Bacterial Cleanse contains 2 weeks of treatment. 1 capsule four times a day.

EM Probiotic

There was some debate a few years ago on whether taking probiotics was advisable when treating SIBO naturally. The consensus now is that the right ‘good’ bacteria helps heal the gut and replaces any lost during the natural antibiotic cleanse.

Our Em Pro is a 1 year supply and we advise you take this on alternate weeks during and after the sibo cleanse. Once opened please keep your EM pro refrigerated.

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