zeoco actiavted charcoal and zeolite for candida cleanse

Zeoco a powerful combination of zeolites and activated charcoal for fast effective relief of the Candida die-off symptoms

Why Activated Charcoal Works Best For Candida Die Off Relief

When the Candida Fungus dies from taking CCWS Candida Cleanser they release many toxins that are responsible for causing the healing reaction.  As the toxins circulate through your system, your body will respond by having a healing reaction.  This is a good sign that the treatment is working.  Zeolites, the principle ingredient in Zeoco work by absorbing toxins from the blood and help to detox the body at a deeper level.  In addition to absorbing the toxins from the Candida die off.

zeoco activated charcoal with zeolites


Zeolites encapsulate toxins and carries them naturally out of the body. The molecular structure captures and removes heavy metals including:
Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Aluminium, and Tin. Also assisted in removing radioactive metals, pesticides, herbicides and dioxins. The process begins immediately and takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Absorbs poisons and toxins better than any other substance known including; lead, strychnine and DDT, plus many drugs like penicillin and phenobarbitals. Also inorganic substances such a chlorine and mercury.

Activated Charcoal for candida

Charcoal absorbs many times its own weight in heavy metals, poisons and chemicals rendering them ineffective and harmless.

The toxins produced by Candida, absorbed by the blood and carried throughout the body, are effectively adsorbed by activated charcoal. Candida toxins cause allergic reactions and are responsible for the debilitating symptoms of candidiasis.

Charcoal curbs the growth of intestinal-based yeasts, and it counteracts the Herxheimer reaction. When, as a result of a successful treatment, there is a large die-off of yeast cells, there is a severe, short-term aggravation of Candida die-off symptoms due to the increased amount of toxins produced.
Many of our clients have found that using Zeoco and EM Pro probiotics in combination with CCWS Candida Cleanser makes the healing crisis symptoms during the candida die-off phase much smoother.
We provide both of these for you in our value * CCWS full package *and * CCWS family package.*

We highly suggest these candida cleanse packages as the Zeolites, Activated charcoal and Probiotics help greatly with ushering the toxins released by the dying fungus out of the body, relieving a lot of the candida die-off symptoms, making your whole CCWS candida cleanse and detox a lot more pleasant.

Please be sure to follow the directions on the label and the treatment protocol when taking Zeoco alongside CCWS, Zeoco is designed to absorb toxins, but it can also have the effect of absorbing the CCWS if taken to closely together, we suggest a minimum separation of 2 hours.

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