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Autumn Offer: Free Neem Antiviral Supplement

To help support our customer’s immune system and overall health in the upcoming flu season with the shadow of Coronvirus hanging over us, we are adding a free bottle of Neem with every purchase over $60

Do you worry about the effect that viruses might have on you, like the current Covid-19 virus?

Everyday we are learning more about this new strain of coronavirus including who, and what health situations, are making people more vulnerable to the virus and what situations medically result in serious complications and even death.

Current medical knowledge shows that co-infection with other viruses make covid-19 virus more dangerous, so it is vital to not only fight the current epidemic sweeping the globe, but also to protect yourself from more known viruses such as Influenza (the flu).

Many people choose the flu vaccination as a line of defence, but it is important to know that the vaccine only offers protection for four or five strains of the flu.  According to the ongoing research there is normally hundreds of different flu viruses circling the global population at any time and the vaccine does not protect against 95% of them.

Science and doctors are finding that having both covid and flu at the same time puts you in a very high-risk category for serious complications or worse. Currently there is no cure for the Covid-19 virus, so boosting your immune system as well as protecting against other viruses is a vital precaution to take to avoid serious ill health.

Currently, there is no cure for the Covid-19 virus, so boosting your immune system as well as protecting against other viruses is a vital precaution to take to avoid serious ill-health.

One scientifically proven herbal extract offers incredible protection from the flu and is considered by many researchers to be the future solution to preventing and curing influenza viruses. This plant extract is called Neem

Neem Extract Bacterial Cleanse Natural Antiviral Supplement Capsules

The amazing healing properties of the Neem plant has been known in tradition medicine for thousands of years and now, through scientific investigation, those healing properties are being scientifically proven. Traditionally Neem has been used in treatment of the following:

  • Fever
  • Immune support
  • Parasite infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Viral Infection
  • Yeast infection

One of the most interesting scientific discoveries lately has been the discovery of the presence of a hyperoside compound found exclusively in neem inhibits the influenza virus from replicating in the body. This makes it more effective than most pharmaceutical alternatives for battling the cold and flu preventing you from catching it and from worsening if you feel symptoms.

As Neem extract is a plant extract that has been used for improving human health for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, this means there is not the same risk or time delay associated with pharmaceutically produced new and untested compounds. Neem extract and compounds are 100% safe for humans to use.  It also means, as a naturally occurring plant, it cannot be patented and used to profit from the health disaster that is occurring globally

Neem has been studied in the past scientifically for this unique and astounding ability to halt the influenza spread in a population and within the human body. Science journals have published papers outlining how the Neem extract is PROVEN to interfere with the infuenza virus ability to integrate with human cells and replicate

This unique property has not been overlooked by scientists hunting for solutions to the covid epidemic and are at this very moment Neem extract is being used in conducting human trials with 250 subjects and hospital staff in India to both prevent and treat corona virus

Although the trials are ongoing, we do know a lot of information regarding the safety of neem and need not fear any side effects from using it as a protective measure against covid.  Should the trials prove effective it would be an amazing achievement for natural medicine, but even if Neem extract proves not to be effective against covid it has already been proved scientifically to stop influenza.

As we slowly learn more and more about covid we are finding that prexisting conditions and co-infections are the most dangerous situation to have.  By using Neem extract to combat a coinfection of covid and influenza, it greatly increase the chances of the coronavirus having a less dangerous acute phase. We are now entering flu season 2020 and the dangers of influenza have been greatly magnified now with the covid -19 strain circulating in populations. It is off the highest urgency that people are made aware that catching the flu this year has a far higher risk associated with it due to covid than at any other time in the past century.

Free Neem Supplement Autumn Giveaway

Because of this, we have decided to help you put your health first during this challenging Autumn and Winter. We are giving away Free bottles of Neem extract with most of our gut health products.

For every purchase with a value of $60 or greater during September and October we will included a bottle of Neem with a regular value of £29 for free.
Find out more about our all-natural Neem supplement capsules

One bottle of Neem capsules used as a preventative for the flu (and possibly covid though not scientifically proven yet) has enough capsules to last 2 months of daily dosage. These will also strengthen your immune system, eliminate parasites that might be weakening your health and control candida yeast overgrowth.

Now is the time to address all of these minor concerns that you may have been putting off treating, as now these prexisting health disadvantages are having a real survival effect on people who do come into contact with covid- 19

Neem extract can be used as a preventative and also as a treatment to cold and flu viruses.

Neem extract can be used in two ways, as a preventative and also as a treatment to cold and flu viruses.  To take as a viral protection you just need 1 neem capsule a day. If you do feel the symptoms of the flu, or are near someone who has it, then a dose of 4 capsules a day for 5 days will ensure your body fights the virus and inhibits its growth and development.

There has not been a time since 1920 influenza epidemic, that putting your health as a priority should be your number one consideration. Adding neem to your health supplements should be top of your list of things to help protect your health. We hope by giving this supplement away free with orders we will help people get through the coming months of high viral infection rates and keep you all safe and healthy.

How to receive your free Neem

All orders placed during September & October 2020* with a value $60 or greater will automatically receive a free bottle of Neem Bacterial Cleanse.

Visit our shop or chose from any of our most popular products below and we will add in a bottle of Neem Bacterial Cleanse for free, a savings of $29.

*Offer valid on all orders over $60 placed from the 24th of September through October 2020. One bottle of Neem Antiviral Cleanse per order.