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I do not have inflammation anymore

Nothing has worked this well for me before!! Feel like it’s actually getting to the root!

My biggest and most persistent symptoms have always been major inflammation, swollen glands 24/7, itchy watery eyes, persistent sinus infections and bronchitis, IBS type symptoms.

My sinuses have not been this clear in about a decade

I can officially say, by doing a combo of the gaps diet with CCWS, I do not have inflammation anymore (unless I eat something that doesn’t agree with me), my sinuses have not been this cleared out in about a decade.

I’ve had actual black mold release from behind my eyes that has improved my vision and gotten rid of the itchy watery eyes. And most likely what was causing all my “sinus infections”- My glands haven’t been swollen since I started a cbd detox helper that has been an absolute game-changer while cleansing… helped to open detox pathways that had been blocked for me for years. Which allowed the CCWS to work better too.

**I’ll also put a disclaimer out there, I don’t work for ccws in any way or make a commission or anything from it.
Truly just a lover of the product ❤️

Anna from Wisconsin USA