The #1 Rookie Mistake Almost Everyone Makes Starting Their Candida Cleanse! 

Starting any cleanse is a serious undertaking. You do your research, buy your supplements and change your diet and lifestyle for a significant amount of time – you want to be sure you are doing it right!  

Candida is a particularly difficult organism to clear from the body along, not to mention all the negative health effects it brings. It is important to have the right tools and knowledge going into the cleanse so you don’t waste your hard effort, time and money. Doing a candida cleanse wrong just means that although you may feel better while on the cleanse and perhaps a few weeks after, ultimately your symptoms will return and then you are back to square one. 

Too many times I encounter people who have tried various programs and candida diets just to have their symptoms return as soon as they stray from being on strict cleansing protocol. Eventually they find us and we can quickly spot the most common cleanse mistake and help them correct it.
So what is the biggest mistake everyone makes?

#1 Rookie Mistake– Not Understanding Your Candida Infection Stage. 

Understanding your infection and the stage it is at is essential as this will determine the cleanse that you need to do. The first thing to understand is that there are two forms of candida – the yeast form and the fungal form. It is perfectly normal, in fact essential, to have candida yeast in your gut as it is a natural part of your gut biome. It is also common for this yeast to overgrow and start causing issues in the gut and the entire digestive tract – from top to bottom so to speak! 

A candida yeast infection is easy to treat with herbs and probiotics. With some slight tweaks to your diet and lifestyle choices, it is easy to maintain a balanced and healthy gut and avoid candida yeast overgrowth. This is the stage of candida virtually all the herbs, diets and cleanses are focused on healing. The candida yeast. However the real problems happens when the candida yeast evolves in to a fungal candida overgrowth. 

A candida fungal infection differs greatly from a yeast infection, though if you have a fungal infection you will also have a yeast infection. Candida starts its life cycle as yeast and then if it goes unchecked, it will overgrow. With enough nutrients (sugar, alcohol) and a deplenished gut biome (due to antibiotics, medications, stress) it can evolve to its next lifecycle stage – candida fungus. 

Candida fungus has a much stronger protective layer that prevents the immune system from being able to kill it. It then burrows through the wall of the gut to infect other areas of the body. This is why you will start to have symptoms outside of the gut and intestinal system. 

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Almost all the supplements available over the counter will not kill the candida fungus. Candida diets will simply slow the candida fungus down. There are only two things that will kill candida fungal infection. The first is strong medications (antifungals) from doctors., however, these medications can be just as damaging to the human body especially the liver and kidneys. 

The second option is CCWS Candida Cleanser – this product uses an inert compound that is absorbed by the fungal cells and then makes them unable to produce the hard shell that protects them. Once this shell is removed then our own bodies can breakdown the remaining fungal cells and remove it from the body. 

So, the number one mistake that everybody makes with their first candida cleanse is misdiagnosis. Is it a yeast infection or a fungal infection of candida. Once you know which it is easy to prepare and complete a full cleanse to the maximum successful result. 

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