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How to do a parasite cleanse

Parasites – I know – eewww right?– it’s a horrible thought that we could all be carrying them – and in fact, I guarantee you are carrying them 100% 

Parasites are nothing to be embarrassed about as they have evolved alongside our own evolution as a species, we all have them!

Some live in a symbiotic positive relationship with the host (that’s you) but others can make you very ill. The most effective way to cleanse we believe is through natural ingredients that work on hundreds of different types of parasite infection with the gentlest, natural effect on the body, and also combine the parasite cleanse with liver support herbs to aid in ridding the body of these unwanted residents. The liver can be put under strain during a cleanse (Parasites and viruses can infect the liver, causing inflammation that reduces liver function. The viruses that cause liver damage can be spread through blood or semen, contaminated food or water, or close contact with a person who is infected).

Parasites and viruses can infect the liver, causing inflammation that reduces liver function

Due to this strain on the liver, it is important to support it during a cleanse – which is why candida labs has incorporated the world-renowned Hulda Clark formula that attacks all three stages of the parasite lifecycle but also added herbs to support the extra strain on the liver from these parasite dying and being expelled from your body.

This parasite protocol is extremely simple – 2 capsules twice a day on an empty stomach for 14 days. We do also advise the gaps diet as a two-pronged attack as it restricts the foods that the parasites can stay strong on thus making them more susceptible to the herbal cleanse. If gaps is too tough for you, then do your best to cut down refined foods, sugar, alcohol, fast food….even doing this for a couple of weeks will have a big difference and as the cleanse works you will soon find cravings for sweets and high carb foods disappearing.

It will shock you when you realise after the cleanse just how much of the food you were consuming was being influenced by the parasites in your body!

We also do not recommend doing more than one cleanse at once. For example, doing a candida and parasite cleanse at the same time. Cleansing is a physical and emotional process and so best to do cleanses separately to give your body time to adjust and recover from its cleanse. A week should be enough.

before and after parasite cleanse

There are so many parasites that lurk in the human body starting from a very young age, and yes we all have them, you become used to the feeling of low energy, foggy thinking, bloating, allergies, rashes etc. it is only after doing a cleanse you will feel the amazing transformation in your health by ridding yourself of these pesky critters. So often we have heard stories from clients that they thought it was just age or stress that was affecting their health but after doing a cleanse the results led to astounding health transformations.

We do not recommend wasting money on parasite tests as they can run into $100’s of dollars and quite frankly will simply tell you that you have parasites as everybody does!

I personally think it is far easier to simply do the parasite cleanse for a fraction of the cost of testing and feel the difference yourself within 2 weeks. fraction of the price  (for those to whom money is no object then certainly do test and be sure to test after cleanse also – we would love to hear your feedback! as the candida labs natural parasite cleanse is a fifth of the cost of actual parasite test! All the ingredients in the cleanse are 100% natural and gentle on your body and the extra liver support herbs help process the die-off (Herx reaction) a lot faster and smoother. One bottle is a full 14 day course that works on eggs, larvae and adult parasites of hundreds of species.

parasite and candida cleanse

Did you know that 70% of your bodies DNA is not human?
It is a mixture of you, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. A great deal of these hitchhiker’s in our biome are harmless and even can provide benefits to your health. One very famous story is of David Livingston who purposely swallowed a tapeworm before his travels and never once got sick despite exposure to polluted water, dysentery and rotten food in his adventures in India – he swore it was the tapeworm he had ingested that was protecting him….the not so pleasant part was having it removed several years later where it had grown to a staggering length of several feet yet he firmly believed it stopped him from getting sick during his travels. Even in the last couple of decades there have been ‘miracle diets’ which were found to be capsuled tapeworm eggs! 

Candida is also classified as a parasite when it moves from the yeast form which resides normally in the stomach, but can grow out of control and turn into fungus which needs to be treated immediately — this form of candida parasite is fungal candidiasis and it is estimated to be a problem to varying degrees in 3 out of 4 people in the western world.

The three biggest gut issues facing the western world people do not realise is candida overgrowth, parasites and sibo.

When tackling candida and parasites we always recommend that you do a parasite cleanse first (or in between CCWS treatments if doing more than one ccws course) as parasites themselves can be infected with candida fungus and when you do the cleanse the dying parasites will release candida into your body….this is why it is wise to kill parasites first then tackle the candida overgrowth and infection second.

what is the best parasite cleanse

There are three main classes of parasites that can cause disease in the human body: protozoahelminths, and ectoparasites. Protozoa are the single cell organisms like bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Helminths are the worm family such as flat worms, flukes and tapeworms. Ectoparasites usually are the easiest to see as larger and live on outside of the body -ticks, fleas, mites etc.

Going the pharmaceutical route for treatment should be treated with caution as can result in being prescribed several very strong medications that tackle only specific parasites. These pharmaceutical medications also have some serious side effect warnings – for example mebendazole is used for treating worms have side effects of stomach pain, bloating, wind, diarrhoea, blisters on skin mouth and hands and due to the stress of these drugs on the liver – causing damage, jaundice and yellowing of the eyes. And all this for treating just one subset of parasite.

Hulda Clarke Protocol

For decades now a specific natural formula has been used called the ‘Hulda Clarke protocol’ and uses just three supplements – black walnut hull, cloves and wormwood. These powerhouse herbs work on all three stages of the parasite lifecycle at the same time – eggs, larvae and adult. We have added to the powerful and proven Hulda Clark cleanse formula several scientifically proven liver supporting herbs that will make the cleansing much less stressful on the body. Most of the parasite cleanses available, such as Humaworm and others use the Hulda Clark protocol as it is a well-proven and popular formulation.

There’s another parasite treatment called diatomaceous earth.
What the?! That’s right diatomaceous earth! Formed from the fossil remains of diatoms it has a fragmented structure that gets rid of parasites by literally cutting them into pieces and then they’ll come out in your poop! Some people with leaky gut and/or kidney problems have suffered greatly taking DE

In conclusion, we all have parasites – they are simply a part of the human system and no way to avoid them (many ae passed in food, water, environment, sexually and even while you are growing in the womb!).

Some of these parasites do no harm but others can be seriously damaging to your health. The Natural Parasite Cleanse we have produced for 9 years and it is very rare a client needs more than one bottle to treat an infection. Do be aware though you will pick up parasites again ( from food, soil, breathing in dusty air, even walking barefoot in the sand as one of my colleagues did!) the cleanse is not a vaccine and though I wont tell you how often to do a cleanse as that is your choice,  I myself do one every 2 years just in case any creepy-crawlies have snuck in there – and are easily removed before they can do damage.

Good Luck with your cleansing journey. We know from experience that the health you will gain will astound you and we invite you to keep us updated on how you feel should you decide to take the Parasite Power Cleanse and ask any questions or discuss any concerns with us so we can help.

Parasite Power Cleanse Best Intestinal Parasite Treatment

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