Candida had taken over my life

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I am beginning a new life now! I have successfully won the battle against candida!

Quite recently I have finished the candida cleanser treatment. After at least 20 years of tremendous efforts, I am só glad to tell you that finally I have successfully won the battle against candida! A whole lot of foods that I was not able to digest, is now available for me! And there lies the big danger to me, because I am a coeliac patient. I did not really look what the contents of some packed foods was and so I took wheat gluten for a few times, which made me very sick. Thank God that all the candida has gone, so now I was able to notice that my complaints came from gluten and no more from candida!

I feel só much better now! Candida had taken over my life since many many years. I could hardly eat anything without getting severe allergies, especially my nose, front head infection, my eyes, intestines and many more problems. I have told some friends already about your candida cleanser: how extraordinary it is! When I eat gluten free, I have none problems anymore! My hay fever is gone also! I am 72 years old and my body is rejuvenating now!

It has cost me a fortune over the years: all the medication I have bought and got from the doctor to get rid of candida. And nothing really helped. Perhaps for an hour or two and then the symptoms came always back. I can sleep now without asthmatic breathing difficulties, I don’t need the nose sprays anymore, my eyes don’t tear anymore and I don’t have red eyelids anymore! The red color is slowly coming back on my cheeks again (not when I have eaten gluten..) and my energy is growing (also not when eating gluten..).

But again I want to thank you for this miraculous candida cleanser that came with probiotics and a bottle of Zeoco charcoal. I am só grateful that I have spent my last money to try this remedy!! I can and will advise it to everybody!

I am beginning a new life now! Thank you so much!



Daisy | Netherlands

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