CCWS Spa Style Enema Kit

A Clean Colon Is A Happy Colon!

Discussion on Enemas is often met with some embarrassed looks and a few giggles, but the importance of keeping your colon clean is vital to good health.
It is estimated that the average person is walking around with 10lbs of waste impacted in their colon.
That is hardly conducive to feeling good or being healthy!

spa style enema kit

An enema is a simple way for you to loosen and gently encourage your colon and lower intestine to eliminate this waste. People report feeling lighter, happier and healthier almost immediately after. It’s not surprising they feel better so quickly really as the colon is designed to absorb water and nutrients from food and often becomes blocked causing issues. Imagine that your colon is coated in a crusted old waste matter layer, this will stop the colon from operating efficiently. Cleaning the colon out with different types of enema mixtures can get your colon and body working again to maximum efficiency.

CCWS strongly believes enemas are great for the body and help enormously during and after a parasite or candida cleanse.
This is why we are bringing you our own healthy spa style enema kit available with our cleanses.

Our well-built, sturdy poly enema kit is developed so it can be reused over and over, it will last years if properly cared for. The open top design and sturdy solid bottle allows you to mix your ingredients for the enema inside the bottle keeping mess to a minimum – simple yet effective.

It also means you can properly clean the inside after you have used a specific cleanse, such as ACV, Coffee or probiotic, and can air dry naturally. This ensures the bottle is always 100% clean when you use – unlike those tricky sealed bag enemas that need to be replaced after a few uses!

Maintain the sterility of your kit by washing and air-drying the bottle and also always disinfect the application nozzle after every use.

Contents Of CCWS Spa Style Enema Kit
1 Polyethene (hard) plastic enema bottle – open topped – 1500cc
1 enema tube
1 enema tube clamp to control flow
1 enema nozzle
Bag to store kit when not in use.