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CCWS Candida Cleanser is an amazing product

It was ALARMING to see how much candida was in my blood!

The CCWS candida cleanser is an amazing product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better, think more clearly, and have better energy. Before I used candida cleanser, I had a doctor examine my blood with a dark field microscope. Under a dark field microscope, individual blood cells become visible along with parasites, bacteria, fungus, even viruses. It was ALARMING to see how much candida was in my blood!

I was not aware of any symptoms of unusual tiredness, foggy thinking (brainfog ), or anything else out of the ordinary because, for me, that was just the way I was used to feeling and it seemed normal to me. I thought I felt OK. The truth was, I had forgotten what it felt like to be in vibrant health. Once I discovered CCWS, I became determined to get rid of the candida completely. I combined Your recommended, easy to follow, 45 day regimen with a daily colonic cleanse to put the toxins released by the cleanse on a fast track out of my body.

Now, that may be a little hard for some people to do but it worked for me, If you can’t do that, then use the product (zeoco) that they offer along with the candida cleanse which mitigates the symptoms of the cleansing caused by the immune system’s reaction to it’s new-found ability to attack the candida. The only reaction I had was some nausea and such for a while on the evening of the fourth day. It was quite manageable. After that, my mind seemed more clear and I really felt better, I lost the craving for sugar, and I began to lose fat. It has been two months now since I began the cleanse and I am still losing fat. Two belt notches (going on three). During weekdays I get about 20 minutes of walking each day at work just going about my normal routine, so I am not going to any extremes with exercise and I am still slowly loosing fat, mostly from my waist and stomach. I am able to meditate more easily now without the mental clutter.
The CCWS candida cleanse is an amazing product. I highly recommend it! Thank You!

Kevin | Dallas, Texas, USA


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