Clinical Trial results for CCWS Candida Treatment

A scientific review of CCWS Candida Cell Wall Suppressor

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In the winter of 2013, a double-blind clinical study has been conducted with 200 subjects and 50 placebo. Based on the saliva and blood tests completed after taking CCWS, 80% of the subjects experienced a 99.9% relief. The remaining 20% experienced at least a 50% relief. An average weight loss of 11 pounds from day 1 to day 45 was measured in these subjects. *Subjects did not have a change to their diets nor did they have changes to their exercise routines.

The remaining 20% subjects that did not have at least a 98% removal of Candidasis based on saliva and blood test were placed into a follow-up study directly following the first protocol. After taking another course of the CCWS, 100% of the subjects experienced approximately 99.9% relief from Candidasis.

In summary the CCWS Candida Cell Wall Suppressor treatment works and we are so sure about it that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

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