You are currently viewing Candida is like any other yeast it feeds on SUGAR!

Candida is like any other yeast it feeds on SUGAR!

Candida is like any other yeast….it feeds on SUGAR!

The picture above shows 2 teaspoons of Yeast and 1 tablespoon of Sugar. Just imagine that happening inside your body!
God created your intestines with a little bit of yeast called Candida because you need it to decompose your body when you die.

The problem is, Candida is like any other yeast…
it feeds on SUGAR! Since we love sugar, guess what happens to Candida in our bodies! It grows out of control just like your bread yeast did when you added 2 cups of sugar. AND…when it begins to grow outside of your intestines, it becomes FUNGUS… Ugh!!

It attaches to muscles, joints and other tissue causing inflammation and pain. Since it’s original job is to decompose your body, guess what it does when it gets out of control and grows elsewhere? It decomposes things on the inside!
Hence, we suffer with things like…
• pain
• inflammation
skin irritations
sugar cravings
carb cravings
• inability to lose weight
yeast infections
attention issues
joint swelling
sleep issues
• lack of energy

All disease is centered in the gut.

THIS is why it’s so important to deal with the root of the problem, CCWS Candida Cleanser breaks down the hard chitin shell of candida ridding the body of fungal infection so you longer suffer from crazy sugar cravings, restless sleep, and painful lack of energy!

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