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The aftermath of antibiotic overload

Just a small indication of the total improvement I am experiencing

Having had candida overgrowth probably for all of my 52 years of life l have endured the complex medical history you would expect from that period of infection, & the prolonged & high doses of antibiotics that were given in an attempt to improve things through the years.

I was moving into level 4 in the 5 stages of candida, culminating in being rushed by ambulance to hospital in October with suspected heart condition & reduced circulation to my arms & legs which had gone grey!!

As a therapist, I was very aware of my systemic candida condition, & had been trying to contain it & recover my health spending over £150 a month in supplements & probiotics alone & having numerous treatments a month trying to get some nourishment into my poor body, & stay on my feet.

Due to my leaky gut syndrome I had been regularly tested for food allergies & was eating a diet compatible with my state & incorporating some ‘cherry picked’ elements of the GAPS protocol which I had stumbled across a few years before. Despite all of these measures I was struggling to hold my ground.

The choice to trust in the CCWS was difficult for me. I hate taking anything pharmaceutical after suffering the aftermath of antibiotic overload and it really went against the grain, as did making the bone broths as I had been totally vegetarian for 22 years of my life & only ate chicken & fish occasionally in the past few years, however I took the leap of faith.

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Changes I am noticing from using a combination of CCWS & the  are global on every level, and significant.

The CCWS cleanse so far has been very difficult to work through & if it were not for the information both on the website & within the support group I may well have quit, but the journey has been totally fascinating..

My body only seems to be able to cope with 1 area of immune response at a time, so there is a continual ’round robin’ of exaggeration of symptoms followed by release, some areas & symptoms going immediately & some, partially improving then moving on to something new, then returning back to continue working deeper on the long standing problem areas.. Which is most bizarre, because as a professional integrated therapist I find it a more effective way to work too!! If you try to dig too deep the body or mind can just lock you out.

Yesterday I saw my hygienist. Despite decades of following all of the rules of good dental hygiene and having two teeth removed last year, it was the first time in 20 years my gums have been without inflammation & bleeding – alehlulya.. Just a small indication of the total improvement I am experiencing.

Consequently I have ordered my 2nd course of CCWS & will muscle test to ascertain if my body needs me to do a full or partial back to back cleanse or not.. Watch this space!!!

I had no idea how bad I actually was & how thoroughly the Candida had infiltrated my entire body & mind. Effecting every organ & system in my body including the facia & brain.

I am now really excited to meet myself after the metamorphosis is complete, I’m pretty sure I am the person I always wanted to be!!!!

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