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I’m candida free! I really am.

I’m healed. I feel great.

I’m candida free! Haha I really am. Haven’t had one for so long.
I suffered from severe headaches and lady issues.(just say that). Bloated,
I had headaches all the time. And was overweight and just didn’t look good.
I lost weight, don’t have headaches often, not bloated anymore, lady issues are a thing of the last! Feel amazing and I look so much healthier.

I take bone broth and eat really healthy but still enjoy chocolate and treats. Mostly just for the taste. I eat slowly and enjoy my food. I did two rounds of the ccws and it helped.

When i drink booze (which I like but don’t drink often anymore. And when I do I make sure I have a tsp baking soda in water.)

Hey I’m healed. I feel great.

I lost weight, don’t have headaches, not bloated anymore

I started doing yoga ever morning. For 1 mins to 40 mins. Whatever I can. And working out regularly as a priority. Just move your body!

And drinks LOADS of water!!
try to clean your mind and do things that make you feel happy . Try to get your mind off feeling so bad.

I take probiotics and fermented food as much as I can.

And do skin facials and body brushing!

Haha I have tried so much. And so much helps ! If you do it all together!

I feel great. Keep feeling better and better. You’ll feel so good soon too!

Dana | Canada