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Thank you for this product!

Finally, I believe I’ve found the root problem and I’m on my way to true healing.

I cannot believe how the CCWS Candida Cleanse affected my body! I have had fibromyalgia since I was 10 years old and I am now 54.
I had tried everything to help alleviate the pain.

I had heard off and on over the years the word “candida” and how it is linked to so much misery in the human body but I only had temporary relief when I tried eating in ways that did not feed the candida.

It was hopeless and I was discouraged.

When I finally came across this candida cleanse, I have to admit that I was suspicious. You see, I’ve tried so many things that I’ve gotten tired of trying. Eventually, I decided to try it. On Day 2, I noticed a significant lifting of the brain fog. I also noticed the onset of a slight yeast infection. I began to experience a noticeable change in the way the pain was manifesting in my body.

Fibromyalgia is diagnosed more by the presence of pressure/pain points in strategic places in the body. My pain had gotten so bad that I felt like the areas surrounding those pressure points were full of pillow-like stuffing and all of it was painful. The pain quickly receded back to the pressure points and has dramatically diminished. Also, I had a thick toenail that has thinned out and looks “normal” again. I had peeling skin around my ears and into the ear that created dandruff-like flakes on my clothes and in my hair. That has almost entirely disappeared and I’ve been suffering with that for over 15 years.

The medical community has been filling me with all sorts of medications that may have alleviated symptoms but never pulled out the root.

Finally, I believe I’ve found the root problem and I’m on my way to true healing. Thank you for this product!



Rae Ann


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