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Im Getting My Life Back!

Candida robbed me of literally every ounce of energy, I had chronic fatigue so bad.

This is hands down one of the worst cases of systemic Candida overgrowth we’ve ever seen, making this the most incredible recovery story. You’ll definitely want to watch this interview from start to finish.

Speaking to the smiling and radiant Charlotte today you’d never have guessed that only a year ago she was fighting for her life; an endeavor that lasted over 40 brutal years.

Imagine arthritis as a teenager, so bad that you can’t even hold a pencil. Hives on your hands and face, constant burning, stinging, and peeling

. Charlotte faced a lifetime of female reproductive issues which started at the very young age of 9! Every menstrual cycle was torture.

“The nurse knew me personally because I was in the nurses office every month. I would throw up, I would pass out. Sometimes the pain was so bad I could only crawl with tears down my face.”

Endometriosis, miscarriages, premature ovarian failure, and postmenopausal at age 30, and as she grew older things only kept getting worse:
– Anemia since the age of 9
– Severe addiction to sugar and becoming diabetic.
– chronic constipation, at one point going to colon-hydrotherapy every week for over a year.
– allergies
– anxiety
– depression
– mood swings
Joints hurting so bad that she was popping back ibuprofen like mints. Chronic bladder infections where she would have to sleep in the bathtub because the pain left her crippled and unable to move.

As if things couldn’t get any worse…

16 years ago Charlotte’s health took yet another turn for the worse.  She developed an infection in her breast that wouldn’t heal for over 8 months,
“It robbed me of literally every ounce of energy, I had chronic fatigue so bad.”

She began calling family members saying, “Im dying. Good bye.”

Doctor’s didn’t know what was causing the infection and wanted to keep Charlotte permanently in the hospital on an IV drip. When the infection came back ever after surgery Charlotte had her BIG “aha!” moment. It had to be systemic!

Partnering with a natural doctor, he confirmed to Charlotte, “I think you have a systemic fungal infection.”

Finally some answers! Unfortunately he wasn’t able to offer Charlotte a treatment that actually worked. This left no other option for Charlotte, so she took her life into her own hands and became her own doctor. Charlotte began researching and reading everything and anything she could get her hands on.

The day she got her hands on the CCWS Candida Cleanser would be the day she finally started to THRIVE!

“I feel like I’m really starting to live for the first time.”



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