Think Big Pharma is on your side? Think Again! Global Cancer Epidemic on the way.


As you know from this site, myself and many scientists now have long been believers in the strong link between candida fungus and sugar, processed foods and alcohol overuse.

Eating too much sugar (and drinking too much alcohol) leads to the feeding of the natural gut flora in the body to a point where the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut cannot cope with the sheer volume of candida yeast and leads to the inevitable development of fungus in the body.

We also believe that pharmaceutical companies are not here to help cure you, but rather to make the most money from your suffering.

The globe is facing a “tidal wave” of cancer, and restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered, say World Health Organization scientists.

It predicts the number of cancer cases will reach 24 million a year by 2035, but half could be prevented.

The WHO said there was now a “real need” to focus on cancer prevention by tackling smoking, obesity and drinking.

The World Cancer Research Fund said there was an “alarming” level of naivety about diet’s role in cancer.

Fourteen million people a year are diagnosed with cancer, but that is predicted to increase to 19 million by 2025, 22 million by 2030 and 24 million by 2035.

The developing world will bear the brunt of the extra cases. What is clear by this is diet and lifestyle are a severe factor in cancer development. The numbers speak for themselves.

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Protect your health and your family with a healthy lifestyle, exercise and ridding your body of candida.

Clare Davidson

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