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Do I feel better? You better believe it!

I was very ill  and I now finally feel like I’m well on the road to a much healthier, happier lifestyle.

I thought I’d give my feedback on my CCWS  candida cleanse experience. Im doing a list of my symptoms before/after cleanse and marking out of ten…10 being the absolute worst…

  • Sleep apnea….before 10, after GONE!
  • Dry mouth/crusty tongue on waking…before 10, after? It’s bad ATM so I’m clearly still detoxing although I had spells during cleanse where it had greatly subsided.
  • Brain fog….before 10, after 3 (still experiencing off and on but vast improvement )
  • Bladder problems…..before 10, after 1 (I had real bladder probs every morning. Subsided some during the day but still a problem. Not any more! )
  • Chronic morning nasal drip, (25 years of it) before 10, after 1
  • Lower back ache…before 10, after GONE!
  • Leg cramps….before 10, after GONE!
  • Sweating……I now sweat profusely in a salt bath and in the hour/s following. Before I didn’t sweat at all
  • Sleep….before 10, after 2 (still waking 2-3 times during night but now averaging a good 8 hours)
  • Bleeding gums…before 10, after 1
  • Numb fingers and toes….before 10, after 1
  • Itchy eyes….before 10, after 1
  • Pin prick size pupils…before 19, after 7. Still a bit to go but getting there
  • Ridged nails…before 10, after 5. They are visibly smoothing out…
  • Facial inflammation…before 10, after 3 (depends what I eat)
  • Skin…before 10, after 2 (less wrinkles and a lot smoother!)
  • Appetite…before 10, after? Much better!
  • Bloating…before 10, after 7 (depends what I eat. GAPS needed)
  • Weight….lost around 6-8 kilos. A lot of fluid retention GONE.
  • Energy…before 10, after 3 (still having ups and downs with fatigue but it’s soooo much better than before. It now comes in surges )
  • Cravings…before 10, after 3 (comes and goes)
  • Anxiety…before 10, after 1
  • Fungal rashes….before 6, after GONE
  • Hemorrhoids…before 10, after GONE
  • Memory loss…before 7, after? Not sure yet
  • Flatulence…before 10, after 1
  • Palpitations…before 7, after GONE
  • Hair….before v thin/lost a lot. It now feels so much thicker and healthier
  • Itchy skin after shower/bath…before 10, after GONE
  • Menstruation….before didn’t really exist. Two week heavyish period during cleanse
  • Left ankle swelling….before 10, after 1
  • Tongue….before 10, after 7. More work needed. Scalloped edging so spleen needs worked on.
  • Stomach problems…before 10, after 3. Soooooo much better. More work needed on diet.
  • Vision…before had difficulty focusing etc. So much better now.
  • Dizzy spells….before 6, after GONE

I’m sure I’ve left some changes out still but these are the majors that have plagued me for over 30 years….maybe even since birth?
I want to say a HUGE thank you  for the endless support and encouragement  Without this page I doubt I ever would have embarked on this life changing journey.
Do I feel better? You better believe it! Will I ever go back to my old life? No….I will not!
I was very ill before I started and I now finally feel like I’m well on the road to a much healthier, happier lifestyle.

I’m still on the diet. Next steps liver flushing followed by parasite cleanse and I intend to repeat ccws within a year.

Good health to all. ?xxx

Donna | Spain

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