magnesium supplements for candida overgrowth

Magnesium and candida overgrowth

Magnesium deficiency is very common and is especially so in people suffering with a candida overgrowth. If you are going to tackle your candida issues then you really need to look at how much of this essential mineral you are consuming. Magnesium deficiency in itself causes unpleasant issues such as lower energy, loss of bone strength and problems with blood sugar levels. When you add a candida issue into the equation then you have a serious problem.

Magnesium is really a wonder mineral that has a part to play in over 300 biochemical reactions in your body. Not only that it is the primary element that helps to break down the toxic by product of candida – acetaldehyde. This toxic substance is the component in candida infection that makes you feel almost like you have a hangover – in fact it is the exact product that is produced in the breaking down of alcohol. This is why you find yourself feeling brain fog, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and more.

A candida infection also will require more magnesium to be taken than the recommended daily dose of 400mg as candida metabolites will soak up the mineral and exacerbate the problem. Often during a candida cleanse the magnesium levels become so low the individual can suffer from problems with their bowels and eliminating the waste, which just compounds the symptoms of die off further.

Magnesium plays a crucial role in getting rid of Candida’s by-products.

Acetaldehyde, which is one of the potent toxins produced by Candida when it dies is a potent neurotoxin. It kills brain cells, makes you sick and tired, fat and lazy and this is part of the reason why people with Candida get “brain fog” Magnesium helps to power up the enzyme to get rid of Acetaldehyde during candida die-off.

Magnesium is also the most easily excreted mineral under any kind of stress.

When you are tackling your candida infection vital supplements for your cleanse should include magnesium, it should be right up there with probiotics. The easiest way to raise your levels of magnesium is with a high quality supplement, this is especially true if you are following a strict candida diet or the gaps protocol for gut healing with CCWS Candida Cleanser. In our opinion, don’t ask if you are magnesium deficient, assume you are! Add this wonder mineral to your supplements to ease the strain of candida cleansing and die off.

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Candida Die-Off: in addition to magnesium supplements we also recommend Zeoco a powerful combination of Zeolites and Activated charcoal